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Children praised for dedication to reading
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Magness Library ended its 2011 Summer Reading program Thursday. An ceremony was held for all members and awards were presented.
“I absolutely hated to read before this program,” said Brady Moffitt, 11. “Now, I can’t wait to read. My favorite book was ‘Hot Hands.’ It’s about basketball.”
Moffitt also discovered he is interested in history.
“I found I loved reading about U.S. presidents,” he said. “I wouldn’t have known that if not for this program. Today, they gave me a book about pirates to read. I can’t wait to read it. Then, I can return it and get another book.”
Moffitt was presented as the overall winner in the older children’s category.
Abby Oaks has been participating in summer reading since she was 4. She was presented second place in the 9-10-year-old category.
“I enjoy reading,” she said. “I always have.”
Rounding out the other winners in that category were Haylee Hutchins with first place. Third place was a tie between Dylan Reed and Caitlyn Jarrell.
In the category in which Oaks started her attendance, the program attracted 11 participants in the 4-5-year-old division. Taking first place was Amelia Salkic, second place was Elizabeth Lescarini, and third was Jeremy Orrick.
Rounding out the other readers were Sammy Elder, Cabe Jones, Brandon Keen, Peyton Jones, Edward Lyman, Brooklyn Mason, Alyson Smith and Alex Tallent.
This year’s program saw many readers ages 6-8. Among the 13, Alexandria Lescarini took first place, Robbie Oaks was second, and Andrew Stinett was third.
Rounding out the other readers were DeRae Knight, Tabitha Goodwin, Megan Jerrell, Colton Jones, Justin Keen, Tyler King, Vera Madewell, Ella Lyman, Kyla Smith and Dylan Young.
Young Adult Readers in the program were Samantha Salkic, Leo Almaguer and Juan Antonio Almaguer. They were presented first through third place, respectively.
“We had a really good program this summer,” said Magness Library director Brad Walker. “There were a lot of participants and the children really enjoyed it.”
For more information about the program, call Magness Library at 473-2428.