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Championship performance
WCHS band captures first place in Crossville
Stone Memorial Competition 956
Members of the Pioneer Pride Marching Band celebrate last weekend in Crossville after being named grand champion at the Stone Memorial Invitational. It was a triumphant last performance of the band's popular routine called "Bad Girls of Pop."

The Pioneer Pride Marching Band put together a performance that was a wrecking ball for the competition.
WCHS claimed top honors last weekend as the band earned the title of grand champion during the Stone Memorial Invitational in Crossville.
WCHS won with a performance called “Bad Girls of Pop,” which football fans have seen during halftime of Pioneer games. The routine features the songs “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus, “Starships” by Nicki Minaj, and “Applause” by Lady Gaga.
“The team didn’t think I’d go through with the routine,” said band director Duane Farnham when the idea was under consideration. “We were kind of at an impasse. We weren’t sure what routine we’d do. We were watching a Kidz Bop video and these songs were on it so that’s how the discussion started. The kids loved the idea.”
Once the routine was selected, preparation began during band camp in July. Since then, the performance has been fine-tuned to produce a smooth routine.
“This is the best band I’ve had in probably the past 10 years,” said Farnham. “They earned that grand championship in more than one way. They earned it for all the time they spent in practice and then they earned it out there on the field.”
The competition included 10 teams and was held last Saturday. Farnham said it marked the last time the band will perform “Bad Girls of Pop.”
For the final home football game, scheduled for Oct. 31, Farnham said the WCHS band is going to collaborate for a special Halloween performance with the Cumberland County band.