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Centertown gets 1st sales tax check
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Centertown Mayor J.W. Underhill says the city of Centertown has received its first tax revenue check from Warren County.
Centertown received $1,171 last week which was pro-rated from May 17, the date Underhill wrote a letter to County Executive John Pelham asking for Centertown’s share of sales tax revenue.
The request asked Warren County government to release Centertown’s share of sales tax revenue the county had been collecting for years. When Arthur Lorance was Centertown mayor, a verbal agreement was made between him and the county allowing the county to keep Centertown’s sales tax.
Underhilll said there are several businesses currently in Centertown that were not there when the verbal agreement was made, including Dollar General, Kat’s Diner, Medley’s, Professional Services, and Pig on the Run Bar-B-Q. These businesses are all generating sales tax revenue.
Underhill was very happy to receive the first check. “I hope it continues to progress and they send the city even more money in the future,” he said.
Underhill said the money will be used to build the treasury in order to pave Hidden Valley subdivision. He explained most roads in the city limits of Centertown need to be paved. “It costs a lot of money to pave anything,” he said.
Underhill also said the money will be used by the city to pay its monthly bills.