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Castle wanted after shooting into home
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A local man is wanted for opening fire on a house in Winchester.

A man who began a life of crime by robbing a McMinnville bank as a teenager is now being sought for opening fire on a home in Winchester.
The fugitive, Marc Andrew Castle, 40, is wanted in connection with a shooting in which he allegedly pumped 20 rounds into a home on North High Street in Winchester on Tuesday afternoon. The bullets passed through one home and cut through another nearby house where a 70-year-old woman was living. She was not hit by the flying bullets even though she was home at the time of the shooting. The reason for Castle’s armed assault has not been revealed.
A massive manhunt was staged in search of the armed suspect which led to the lockdown of a nearby Winchester school. Officers searched both on foot and from the air in a helicopter, trying to locate the suspect. He was able to elude the dragnet and remained at-large as of Thursday afternoon. His ability to dodge apprehension comes despite witnesses who said he fled the scene of the shooting on bicycle.
Castle was raised in Warren County and has spent much of his life here. Sheriff Jackie Matheny said officers here are on the lookout for the fugitive and have even searched one area where they thought he might take refuge. He is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone seeing Castle should contact 911.
Castle has an extensive criminal record which most recently involved offenses like assault and driving on a revoked license. However, his first crime proved to be his most serious up until his crime Tuesday in Winchester.
Castle was a late teen when he and two other teens robbed TransSouth Finance in 1993. The financial institution was located in the building where Subway now operates near Village.
Castle received a six-year sentence for his part in the crime, which included spraying a teller in the face with pepper spray. His partner in crime, Shawn Huff, ended up getting over 11 years in prison for his part in the heist, which he maintained was Castle’s idea. Huff spent much of his sentence appealing his plea bargain since Castle not only got a much shorter sentence but also got out of prison early by entering the state’s boot camp program.
The third teen involved was a juvenile.