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Cashier caught stealing money
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A Walmart employee who smuggled several hundred dollars out of the store, the cash concealed under her sleeves, will avoid jail time but has lost her job.The woman, Niki Terri Burgess, 19, was given an 11-month, 29-day probationary sentence but will be allowed a judicial diversion if she qualifies. A diversion means her record will be erased so long as she completes her probation without any problems. She will also be required to make $561 restitution and has been ordered to stay out of Walmart.Burgess had actually been busted for several days without even knowing it.“Her registers had been coming up short,” said Kim Hillis of Walmart loss prevention, noting she began viewing video from some of the store’s 130 cameras to try to determine how the money was disappearing.Hillis said she was even able to go back to the first shift from where Burgess’ register was short.“She would take the money out the register and place it in a change bag,” Hillis said in her warrant against the former employee.