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Car crashes through apartment wall
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A resident of McMinnville Housing Authority had some unwanted air conditioning added to her bedroom Friday after a car crashed through her wall in an apartment located in units near the downtown water tank.
According to McMinnville police officer Marty Cantrell, the car was accidentally knocked out of gear and rolled down a hill and into the apartment occupied by Tiffany Rainey.
The driver of the 1995 Buick Regal involved in the accident was Angela Harrison, 24, who was parked in front of unit 204. Her grandmother, Mae Harrison, 77, was with her, along with Angela’s 2-year-old son.
“Her grandmother was getting in the car and Mrs. Harrison was in the process of putting the child into the car when, for some reason or other, he crawled from the back seat to the front,” Cantrell said. “The car wasn’t running but he managed to get the ignition turned and pulled it down into neutral.”
Cantrell said both women were on the passenger side of the vehicle.
“From that point it started rolling and she (Angela) was trying to stop the vehicle. The grandmother was knocked down by the door, and then ultimately Mrs. Harrison was knocked down by the door trying to stop the vehicle,” Cantrell said. “It rolled down Edgefield Street, crossed over to the parking spots across the street, then turned and ended up in front of 207B.”
Neither woman was run over by the wheels of the car, but both women were transported to River Park for arm and leg injuries, with the elder woman the most severely injured. The 2-year-old rode the vehicle all the way down and into the apartment, but was not hurt.
“The 77-year-old was in serious condition,” Cantrell said.
According to Cantrell, air transport was requested but was not provided due to the threat of tornadoes Friday.
Rainey, who was in the apartment at the time, said the accident was a shock to her and initially she wasn’t sure how it happened.
“I don’t know,” she said. “I heard screaming, I saw a lady running and I saw a car up there on that hill, then it just starts coming down the hill and into my bedroom. That’s all I know. It all happened so fast. A big bang was all I heard. A big crash.”
Representatives of McMinnville Housing Authority were on the scene and offered Rainey a temporary room at Spangler Towers until they could get repairs done to her apartment.