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Caney Fork warns about scam
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If you get a call from Caney Fork claiming your electricity is about to be cut off, don’t go into shock.
It’s all a scam to get your credit card number, according to Caney Fork representative John Chisam. He said several residents have called complaining of the scam with the perpetrators going as far as to provide a realistic-sounding answering service.
“This scam is really high-tech,” said Chisam. “If you have any questions they’ll give you an 800 number that goes to a phony answering service. When you call the message will say something like, ‘You’ve reached Caney Fork. Your call will be answered in the order in which it was received.’ But it’s not us. It’s a fake 800 number.”
Chisam said the scam involves Caney Fork customers being told there’s a problem with their bill. In order to resolve the problem with no disruption in service, the customer is told they can pay their bill immediately with their credit card or debit card.
Chisam says customers should not try to resolve this situation over the phone. They should come into the office on New Smithville Highway to clear up any possible questions.
Chisam said customers who want to question their bill by phone can trust the Caney Fork number listed in the phone book, 473-3116.
As a rule of thumb, law enforcement officials say people should never supply personal information over the phone because it’s difficult to verify the source and because so many scams are out there.