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Candidates invited to talk about qualifications on radio
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In connection with the Southern Standard – WCPI Candidate Forum and Debate, officially qualified candidates who are not scheduled to participate in the program Tuesday, April 22, are invited to record brief statements at the radio station studio this Saturday, April 19.These statements will be broadcast in the following week on public radio 91.3 FM.There will be no cost to the candidates for this service, but as time for each individual will be limited, the speakers are strongly urged to minimize the discussion of their family background and concentrate rather on their qualifications for the offices they are seeking and explain how their service, if elected, would benefit the general public.“We are sure every one of these candidates comes from a wonderful family and they all have amazing children and grandchildren,” said WCPI station manager Mary E. Cantrell. “But voters want to know how their election to public office would be advantageous to the community as a whole. Personal pedigree is great, but that doesn’t help us understand how their electoral success would help the county and its citizens.”Office seekers who wish to accept the invitation for the studio recordings are welcome to read from prepared scripts.Candidates for countywide or judicial district offices will each be given up to seven minutes in the recording session.