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Can Snowden escape grasp of U.S.?
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MOSCOW (AP) — Edward Snowden has found supporters in Latin America, including Venezuela and Nicaragua, who have offered him asylum. But many obstacles stand in the way of the fugitive NSA leaker from leaving a Russian airport — chief among them the power and influence of the United States.Because Snowden’s U.S. passport has been revoked, the logistics of him departing are complicated. Despite making the asylum offer Friday, Venezuela and Nicaragua haven’t indicated they would help Snowden by issuing a travel document, which he would need to leave Russia.The former NSA systems analyst, who is charged with violating U.S. espionage laws, is believed to be stuck in the transit area of Moscow's main international airport after arriving June 23 from Hong Kong.Russia doesn't appear willing to help him leave the airport, with Kremlin spokesman Alexei Pavlov saying Saturday the issue of Snowden's travel documents is “not our business.”