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Campaign aims to keep retail dollars at home
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When Warren County residents drive around the community Sunday morning, they will be greeted by hundreds of signs encouraging people to Try Here Buy Here.
The signs are part of a shop-at-home campaign being launched today that’s intended to be used as a year-round promotion. People often think of shopping at home during the holidays, but it’s something that should be done throughout the year, local business leaders say.
“It really comes down to a matter of jobs,” said Foodland Plus owner Dennis Lann. “The more people who shop at home, the more it helps our businesses. And the more it helps our businesses, the more people we can hire.”
When local residents travel out of town to shop, it serves as a double whammy. Warren County retailers lose much-needed revenue, and our local governments and schools lose valuable tax dollars.
“It’s extremely important to shop at home first,” said Earl Barr, owner of Barr’s Furniture in Mt. Leo, which will celebrate 50 years in business this February. “If you try here, most of the time you can find it here and that keeps our tax dollars working for us.”
The Standard has been one of the many businesses spearheading the charge because we see the local economy beginning to rebound and we want to continue the trend. Much of that has to do with spending money here instead of spending it elsewhere.
“We don’t need to help them build any more schools in Murfreesboro,” said Lann. “We need to keep our money here.”
Barr said it’s a matter of getting people to change their shopping philosophy. He said most people probably don’t think anything about traveling to Cookeville or Murfreesboro to shop because they don’t understand what a negative impact that will have locally.
“Some people have a mindset that they’ll get a better price if they go out of town,” said Barr. “But that better pricing rarely ever happens because we have such low overhead here we can usually compete with anyone’s price. It costs more to do business in bigger towns.”
In addition to the red signs you will see around the community, a Try Here Buy Here flyer has been inserted in today’s edition. On the back, Standard publisher Patricia Zechman has written a letter highlighting some of the many advantages of shopping at home.
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