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Cadets brave challenges of intimidating course
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Six teams of Warren County High School JROTC cadets competed in a demanding day of military-style events, pushing their physical limits during a Best Raider competition Friday at the high school.
According to Army instructor 1st Sgt. Tim Howard, the event is the high school version of the U.S. Army Best Ranger competition. The event pairs raiders in two-cadet teams for competition.
This year, two teams consisting of females competed against four male teams.
Teams included Jeffrey Adam and Justin Warner, Jacob Baehman and Bryan Rabideau, C.J. Hale and Jake Bryant-Shock, Erin Johnson and Samantha Howard, Oscar Ramirez and Abraham Villafuerte and Brooke Valenta and Felicia Garcia.
The one-day event started at 6 a.m. with a physical training test consisting of a two-minute push-up and sit-up drill, a pull-up assessment, and a two-mile run. Raiders were tested on how fast and accurate they could tie knots.
The battalion’s obstacle course was used to measure confidence and strength. Obstacles on the course included the cargo net, tire flip, rope climb, inclining wall, six vaults and a ladder approximately 34 feet tall called the confidence climb.
The teams of two encouraged each other to complete the task at hand. Teams which successfully completed an obstacle received a poker chip. The chips would be turned in at the end of the course in exchange for points which would be added for a final score.
One event measured fitness using cross-fit techniques and running.
Military map reading was another task that was evaluated. The raiders had 90 minutes to negotiate a map where they looked over a military map and plotted and figured out directions, distances and elevations.
The final event was a three-mile march carrying a 35-pound backpack, all while having to navigate through the campus finding established markers.
With every event, the teams were followed and graded on their performance by a team of evaluators, with the team receiving the highest score winning the honor of being Raider Team of the Year.
The competition is a chance for students to compete against each other to try and earn the honor of being named Raider Team of the Year.
The winning team will be announced at the JROTC awards banquet scheduled for 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 1.