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Business Pulse 5-10-15
Debbie and Gerald Morrison stand by the thousands of items of used clothing available at Serenity Thrift, which opens Monday at the old Hastings location. Said Debbie, If I wont put it on my own body, I wont sell it.
Forget the glory of Mothers Day for a moment and allow the true wonder of today to sink in. On this very day, just a few short years ago, I made my way down the birth canal of life and entered this great world of ours.Yes, today is my birthday, a day that’s routinely overshadowed because it so often falls on Mothers Day. This has caused me, maybe subconsciously at least, to hold a little resentment for Mothers Day.On a day when I should be lavished with gifts and gratitude, people are instead showering all their attention on mom.