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Business Cheetah 10-11-15
Topz Metro Deli has opened at 106 W. Main Street next to Topz Frozen Yogurt. Co-owner Anna Sands stands behind the deli counter displaying a bazooka-like tube of provolone cheese.
It was in July 2014 when Topz brought soft serve frozen yogurt to downtown McMinnville in a move that’s been warmly embraced by the community. The yogurt, with all those snazzy toppings, is delicious and people of all ages love it.The plan all along was to gradually expand and offer food in addition to the yogurt. Topz is doing just that with the opening of Topz Metro Deli, which is next door to the frozen yogurt shop at 106 W. Main Street.“That side is for the sweets and this side is for the sandwiches,” said co-owner Matt Sands.