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If Walmarts are closing, what's next?
Hector Marquez is the owner of Jalisco, a new Mexican restaurant coming to the Foodland Plus shopping center. Hector is shown installing a tile floor as part of renovations to the building.
If there are three constants in this world they are 1) death, 2) taxes, and 3) Walmart. However, the equilibrium of the universe suffered a cosmic shift Thursday when Walmart shut down over 100 over its U.S. stores.This is something that doesn’t happen, at least not to Walmart. It happens to stores that are lower on the food chain like Kmart, Woolworth and Roses, but not to mighty Walmart, which is as powerful as a Jedi Knight.Walmart’s shield of invincibility has certainly absorbed a dent with its Jan. 15 announcement it would be closing 154 stores in the United States.