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Burglars ram two stores with pickup
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Burglars drove a pickup through the doors of two businesses Sunday morning in an attempt to steal cigarettes and other merchandise. However, both crimes were caught on camera.
The victimized convenience stores, Morrison Shell and Hina Market in Newtown (formerly Newtown Qwik Pic), were hit back-to-back in the early morning hours Sunday.
Investigators believe the thieves began shortly after midnight Sunday when they rolled up to Morrison Shell located on Manchester Highway. The surveillance tape there captured the burglars using their truck as a battering ram to smash through the front door and wall of the business. Once a hole was made in the front of the store by a white Ford F-150, the burglars jumped out of the vehicle and began grabbing merchandise. They then returned to their truck and sped away.
As law enforcement was being called to the scene of the Morrison crime, the burglars were hitting a second time at Hina Market in Newtown. Just as they had in Morrison, the burglars used the rear of their truck as a battering ram.
“They hit it once and nothing happened so they pulled forward, backed up and hit it again,” said detective Barry Powers of the burglary caught on video tape. “They were able to make a hole on the second try and then they went in through the opening, grabbed merchandise and took off.”
The video was not high enough quality to obtain a license tag number. However, it did capture the two burglars – a white male and white female – and an image of the truck which now has rear-end damage given its repeated use as a battering ram.
Investigators in both cases say the burglars did not make off with a large amount of money since most businesses do not leave large amounts of cash on premises after hours. In both cases, the heavy damage to the front of the buildings, which had to be fixed that day, will likely be a higher monetary value than the stolen items.
Anyone having information on the burglars can call city detectives at 473-3386 or sheriff’s investigators at 473-8738.