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Burglars caught breaking into house
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Two teens who played hooky to break into a house along with two young adults are facing burglary charges for their daring daylight caper.One member of the group, Colby Duggin, has also been linked to a string of other burglaries, according to McMinnville Police detective Todd Rowland.According to the detective, two juveniles and two adults broke into an unoccupied house on Hill Street.“Witnesses saw them break in,” said Rowland, noting one person crawled through a window and opened the door for the others. “The house was being restored so I guess they were breaking in to find what they could.”Rowland said a woman came to the house and confronted them. The burglars then fled through a window and ran into the woods just before police arrived.“We established a perimeter around the woods where they went in,” Rowland said.The four all went in different directions but were caught within minutes of the crime.