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Burglars caught after photo runs
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Three smash and grab burglars caught on surveillance video crashing a vehicle into two stores Sunday morning have been arrested.“As soon as the newspaper hit the streets, we started getting calls,” said sheriff’s investigator Jason Rowland of pictures which were published in the Southern Standard showing one of the suspects and the 2000 Ford F-150 they used to smash through the front doors of the buildings. “We started running down leads and were able to make the arrests, plus arrests in a home invasion they were involved in before the Sunday burglaries,” said McMinnville police investigator Barry Powers.Charged with two counts of burglary and one count of especially aggravated burglary are Clayton B. Lance, Ronald D. Kloosterman Jr. and Bonnie R. Lovell.They are charged with crashing the Ford pickup, registered to Lance and Lovell, into Morrison Shell and Hina Market in Newtown. The truck was used as a battering ram to smash open the front doors.