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Budget passes, Park Theater phase two begins
The city is now turning its attention to renovating the Park Theater balcony. The recently passed budget set aside $70,000 for the project.

McMinnville officials accepted the city budget for fiscal year 2015-16. With its passing, the preliminary steps toward Park Theater’s phase two of renovation will begin.
“Even before Park Theater was finished, some members of the board expressed interest in beginning renovation of the balcony,” said city administrator Bill Brock. At that time, he urged those members to hold off and complete phase one before moving onto phase two. “Now that the budget has been passed and it’s behind us, there is money in the budget for what I call phase two of Park Theater.”
Within the $600,000 budget for Park Theater was $70,000 for renovating the balcony, as well as an additional $6,000 for architect and engineering fees.
Brock suggested someone sit down with AEI Architects, Engineers and Planners president Peter Metts to review preliminary drawings and see if any changes need to be made.
“Would this board like for me or someone else to sit down with Mr. Metts to see what drawing changes might have to be made and bring those back to one of the committees?” Brock asked. “Just tell me which committee. How do you want to handle that? There should only be small changes to the drawings.”
The balcony area was included in the renovation drawings done by AEI for Park Theater’s entire renovation. However, that area was removed from the initial work in order to keep the cost under $2 million. While $70,000 was placed in the budget, it is an estimate. The actual cost of renovation will not be known until bids are received.
Vice Mayor Ben Newman said the item could go under either Building and Grounds or Parks and Recreation.
Alderman Everett Brock added, “It’s already under Parks and Recreation. Let’s just leave it there.”
Board members gave Brock a nod on being the one to contact Metts to get the ball rolling on renovation of the balcony and bring that information back for committee members to review.
Second read of the city’s budget passed 6-0 on Tuesday night. Voting in favor were Mayor Jimmy Haley, Vice Mayor Ben Newman and Aldermen Mike Neal, Ryle Chastain, Steve Harvey and Everett Brock. Absent was Alderman Jimmy Bonner.