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Brock wants smaller County Court
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Saying the present system is wasting taxpayer money just to feed the egos of politicians, retiring 1st District Commissioner Sally Brock will ask the Warren County Commission to cut its number in half.
“I’m going to bring forth that resolution before I leave office,” said Brock. “Just imagine the cost savings that would give the people of Warren County.”
The board is presently set at 24 commissioners, two for each of the county’s 12 districts. Each commissioner gets $3,120 per year, or $260 a month, plus $25 for each committee meeting. The committee meetings accumulate about $14,000 a year in county funding to be paid. Downsizing the County Commission to 12 members would save the county $37,440 annually, not counting committee pay.
Brock noted the state maximum for commissioners is 25, yet a small county the size of Warren has 24. She believes the number should go to 12, if not nine.
“Why in this small county do we need 24 commissioners?” Brock asked.
Such a move is nothing new. The commission has refused to vote to downsize itself on prior occasions.
“I think the climate has changed since the first time it was brought up,” Brock said.
As for why her fellow commissioners doggedly hold onto maintaining such a large County Commission, Brock says she has some ideas, and it isn’t all about the money.
“Maybe some folks are afraid of losing their power,” Brock noted.
Brock will not seek re-election this year after serving 16 years as a 1st District representative.