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Brock to get third shot as administrator
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One year after city officials rejected McMinnville Public Works director Bill Brock as interim city administrator, he could have a second chance at the temporary position.
When contacted Friday and asked if he would still be interested in the position after being rejected twice, once as interim city administrator in August 2013, and once as permanent city administrator in May 2014, Brock stated, “Yes, I would.”
On the agenda for Tuesday night’s regular session of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen is to “discuss and take action to appoint an interim city administrator."
The item continues a discussion that took place during the July 22 board meeting. An attempt by Alderman Mike Neal to eliminate the city administrator position and remove Mayor Jimmy Haley from the job on an interim basis resulted in Brock’s name being brought up again.
“If you have a problem with the way Mayor Haley is running the city, then try to appoint somebody else,” said Vice Mayor Ben Newman. “I made a motion when this first came up to appoint Bill Brock and that failed.”
Neal asked, “Will you make that motion tonight?”
City attorney Tim Pirtle discouraged the board from revisiting the measure because public notice had not yet been given.
“I would not feel comfortable without public notice,” said Pirtle.
In August 2013, the motion by Newman to appoint Brock failed 4-2. Aldermen Ken Smith, Jimmy Bonner, Haley and Neal voted against it, while Alderman Rick Barnes sided with Newman and voted in favor. Alderman Billy Wood was absent.
At the time, Pirtle stated the interim city manager had to meet the minimum qualifications in city code and have a college degree.
In order to appoint Brock as interim city manager, city code will have to be amended removing the college degree requirement. Such an action would require an ordinance and two passing votes before the board.
Tuesday's motion to appoint Brock as interim city administrator could pass. Smith informed City Hall he will not be at Tuesday's meeting and Wood says he will be in attendance.
“I’m absolutely going to vote in favor of Brock as interim city administrator,” said Wood. 
One year ago, Neal stated his vote against was based solely on the fact Brock did not meet the minimum qualifications by city code.  
Board meetings are held on the second floor of City Hall beginning at 7 p.m.