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Brock takes oath as city administrator
Brock city admin1
Bill Brock takes the oath of office to become interim city administrator.

It’s now official. McMinnville Public Works director Bill Brock is interim city administrator.
The McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen removed the requirement of a college degree for the job on Tuesday night, clearing the way for Brock to be interim city administrator. He was unanimously appointed with all seven board members in attendance.
“Just to reiterate, this does not delete the college requirement for the full-time city administrator, just the acting city administrator,” said Vice Mayor Ben Newman.
Brock offered his gratitude.
“After tonight’s vote, I want to thank each and every one of you for giving me the opportunity to see if I can get things on board and moving along,” said Brock. “I’ll be happy to drive the bus, but you will have to tell me where to go. It’s your decision. It’s up to you.”
Brock says getting the city on the right path will take board members and citizens working together.
“This board will not do it alone,” said Brock. “It will take citizens. I had one of you call me up and say ‘I’ll support you for the next three months.’ My comment to him was ‘I need you more than just three months.’ It takes citizens to get things done. Don’t ever sit up here and think you are by yourself, because you are not. I’m here as long as you want me here. We will see if we can’t get some things on the road.”
In an effort to get the bus moving in the right direction, Brock asked each board member to generate a list of three items they would like to accomplish and get those to him so he can compile a list of top three.
Officials gave no determination as to when the hiring process for a permanent city administrator would begin. Officials have previously expressed a desire to wait until after the upcoming city election in November.