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Bridge open, not complete
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Opening a portion of Beersheba Street Bridge last week has created some concern in the community that the bridge isn’t as nice as other recent TDOT projects such as Westwood Bridge and Frank G. Clement Bridge.Local residents expressing anger at the new bridge should keep in mind the portion that opened Tuesday is only half of the total project. Another segment is still scheduled to be built next to the new bridge and those two parts will combine to make the finished product.The overall project is not estimated to be complete until July 2012.Comments began making their way to the Standard office Wednesday after the new portion of the bridge opened Tuesday. Traffic was diverted around the aging bridge, which had been used for decades.Motorists complaining of tight corners, narrow lanes, and not much space between oncoming traffic can gain relief from the fact that won’t be the permanent bridge setup.According to TDOT, the contractor plans to remove the old bridge in the next two to four weeks.