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Boyd seeks pledges to help meet budget
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Like many private educational institutions, Boyd Christian School is suffering the effects of current economic conditions, even to the point the respected local Christian school will be unable to make its budget for this school year due to a drop in enrollment, according to headmaster Weldon Parkinson.
As a result, Parkinson has come up with a unique fundraising plan which will give Boyd supporters the chance to help the school overcome this financial challenge.
Parkinson explained the school’s need and how the fundraiser will work.
“We were about 30 students short of what our projected enrollment was going to be,” Parkinson said. “Because of that we’re going to be quite a bit short as far as our budget is concerned. So we have a need to raise approximately $120,000.”
Faced with such a daunting fundraising goal, Parkinson began to think of ways to spread out the burden among Boyd’s loyal supporters.
“I decided if we could get 100 individuals to pledge that they would raise or give $100 per month for 12 months, that would raise $120,000,” Parkinson said. “When you break it down like that, then that is a doable thing. It would be hard for an individual to raise that kind of money, but what we can do collectively as a school, as a patron’s organization, as individuals giving to the school, then I think it is a reachable goal. We’re calling it the 100 for $100 Pledge Drive.”
“We are asking all of our parents and patron’s, all of the people who have loved and supported and benefited from Boyd Christian School to rise up to the challenge and overcome this hurdle,” Parkinson said.
Parkinson says he hopes local businesses, organizations and individuals will join in the pledge drive, but noted $100 per month is not required.
“If you can’t do the $100, then give what you can,” Parkinson said. “Because we understand there are people who just can’t do that. This is where 10 people who can give $10 or more for a year can be one of the 100.”
Parkinson says he realizes some pledge participants may not want to divide the payments up and would rather make a $1,200 donation.
“We have already had people do that,” Parkinson said. “They’ve written out the check for the whole amount at one time. That money has been collected, unlike the pledges which will be paid by the month. We have already received those donations and we’re at $15,650 right now I think.”
Parkinson says he is making the pledge himself, and feels it is important to provide the option for a Christian-based education in the community.
“To me we are building the future leaders of the church here,” Parkinson said. “We can tell story after story of graduates who are now serving as song leaders, as Bible teachers, even preaching in the pulpit.
“A Christian education, whether you preach or teach or things of that nature, is important to the community. You know, the Bible teaches us to love one another, and these students that come to Boyd are going out to the community and working with these clubs and organizations that give so much back to the community, that are always doing service projects. They’re a part of that. I think Christian education is very important, it teaches us the importance of making God a part of our lives.”
For more information on the pledge drive, or to make the pledge, contact Boyd Christian School at 473-9631.