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Boyd School won't close
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After an early summer scare, it appears Boyd Christian School will meet its financial needs and be able to hold classes next year.
A drastic cry for help over the Internet has resulted in increased donations and several new students, according to Boyd headmaster Weldon Parkinson.
“We are getting some donations and our enrollment is much better so we think everything will be good to go for the 2012-13 school year,” Parkinson said yesterday.
Asked if Boyd was in real danger of closing, Parkinson said, “This was the real deal. There were some circumstances the school faced where we really needed to climb out of a hole and we couldn’t borrow money to do it. We have to operate with a balanced budget.”
The Internet pleas were needed for some supporters to realize how dire the financial situation at Boyd had become. One post made by Parkinson on June 6 said, “It is do or die time at Boyd Christian School! I am asking for prayers to be made that hearts will be touched and opened to the needs of the school.”
Parkinson’s post continued, “BCS has been in existence for over 30 years and too much good is being done to allow it to not continue its work.”
Boyd held its first class in 1979 and student enrollment ended at 145 students last year. There were seven graduating seniors.
Parkinson says his plan to keep the school on firm financial footing is to develop a base of 1,000 supporters who can give $50 a month. He says this will allow Boyd to continue without relying on a handful of major donors to carry the load.
“About 60 to 65 percent of the money we need to operate comes from tuition,” said Parkinson. “We depend on donations to make up the rest. We need a base of support that will sustain us through the years. It’s going to be the little people who can make smaller donations like $50 a month who are going to do it.”
Parkinson said a Christian education is not for everyone, but he believes it has a place in our community. He said he appreciates everyone’s prayers and donations. To make a donation, contact the school at 473-9631.