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Boy banned from Gilley Pool for trying to drown 10-year-old
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A 14-year-old boy has been banned from Gilley Pool after he allegedly tried to drown a child Sunday afternoon.
The boy, whose name has not been released by police due to his status as a juvenile, was directed not to come back to the city pool for one year due to his dangerous conduct. That conduct could find him charged criminally in juvenile court should the parents of the 10-year-old decide to press charges.
Police were called after lifeguards found the victim coughing up water. The youth told them the 14-year-old had gotten mad at him and had made the statement that he would “show him.”
At that point, the victim said the larger boy held his head underwater to the point he was starting to drown. The boy was able to break away and get out of the pool. Other children reported witnessing the attempted drowning.
According to the 14-year-old’s version of the story, the incident happened after the younger boy accused him of taking someone else’s swimming goggles. He claims another youth suggested he drown the boy for making the allegation against him. The 14-year-old admitted to police that he “temporarily” attempted to drown the younger boy.