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Bowling rolls into town
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State Sen. Janice Bowling is making an effort to travel around her district and hold listening sessions with her constituents.She got an earful Thursday afternoon in McMinnville when the topic of the Affordable Care Act was mentioned by two residents firmly in support of it.“It’s a foot in the door for national healthcare,” said Warren County resident Bill Haslacker, a Vietnam veteran. “It needs both parties working for the American people to improve it, not throw it out.”Lee Campbell, a retired public school educator, told Bowling that Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Tennessee Hospital Association are among the groups in favor of the Affordable Care Act.“There are 200,000 people in this state who can’t get insurance and that’s a very large number,” said Campbell. “I just want the senator to know there are people out here who have a differing opinion.”Bowling listened to their concerns then stated her reasons why she doesn’t believe Tennessee should opt in to the Affordable Care Act.“Many of the people who voted for me were adamant the government should not take over healthcare,” said Bowling.