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Bouldin resigns from County Commission
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There is once again a vacancy on the Warren County Commission as 7th District Commissioner Johnnie Belle Bouldin has resigned.
Bouldin was nominated and elected in November 2013 by the full commission to fill the seat left vacant following the death of her husband, M.A. Bouldin, who died in October 2013.
Bouldin was to retain her husband’s seat until the county election Aug. 7. However, Bouldin submitted a resignation letter to County Executive John Pelham.
“Due to medical reasons, I have found it necessary to move into town,” she wrote. “As of Friday, April 4, 2014, I will no longer reside in District 7 and will be unable to continue my service as District 7 County Commissioner.”
A letter from Pelham to all county commissioners says, “State statutes dictate the circumstances under which the vacancy must be filled.”
The letter goes on to state, “The commission will follow the guidelines used in previous years for filling vacancies within the 7th and other districts.”
Carol Cantrell, administrative assistant to the county executive, said, “The seat will possibly be filled on recommendation by the remaining commissioner in that district, who is Kenneth Rogers. To my knowledge, we have never had a commission seat come open at a time when other candidates were running for election.”
Running for the office of District 7 County Commissioner are Democrats Gary C. Martin and Tommy Savage and independents Terra Jaco, Susan C. Rogers and Jason Satterwhite.
Two new commissioners will be elected in that district since current Commissioner Kenneth Rogers is on the ballot to run for county executive.
According to the procedure for filling a vacant commission seat, nominations may be submitted by any registered voter of Warren County. The nominations may be submitted in writing to the county executive prior to the full Warren County Commission meeting Monday, April 21, or must be submitted in person at the meeting.
In order for a name to be considered, a member of the commission must nominate the person. Members of the commission may nominate a candidate or candidates without the name having been submitted by a registered voter.
Bouldin said in her letter, “I enjoyed the time that M.A. served as commissioner and I have enjoyed my time in the same position. I regret that I am unable to complete this term of office but I must do what is in the best interest of my family and me. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.”