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Bobby Ray students get shelter from rain
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Students at Bobby Ray Elementary will no longer have to stand outside in the rain while waiting for their ride home.
Members of the School Board voted to fund half of the money needed to build an awning to be used as a weather shelter near the parking lot adjacent to North Chancery Street. Bobby Ray PTO has agreed to pay the other half of the estimated $3,000 awning.
“We need the awning as a cover for weather,” said Bobby Ray principal Beverly Ramsey. “The PTO has wanted to put up the awning for several years and things just never worked out. It has been on our wish list for eight years.”
Board members discussed building a continuous awning up the walkway connecting to the building so the children will not have to get out in the weather at all.
“What is the PTO proposing to pay half of? Would they pay half if we went all the way up?” asked School Board member Scott Holmes.
“I think that was going to be about a $20,000 project. I don’t think they have the money to do that,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox.
“We would love to have that. Right now, on a rainy day or during inclement weather, the children are in the classroom and they are called down by walkie-talkies to come out to the parking lot,” said Ramsey.
Board members agreed to fund half of what they are calling Phase 1 of the awning project.
The awning will be freestanding and will be anchored into the ground. It will also be built in such a way that will allow an awning to be added on to it in the future.
If the project progresses to Phase 2, a shelter will be added the length of the ramp connecting to the building and the third-grade classrooms.