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Bids taken on Dibrell School's security fence
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Bids are being taken on a security fence for Dibrell School, with most of the money coming from a federal grant.
The fence comes after a large-scale addition was built onto the longtime school last year. While a security fence did guard the older section of the school from the approach from Mike Muncey Road, the new area off Dr. Fisher Road was left open.
The fence building plan, which will begin after the winning bid is selected, calls for a 6-foot fence to completely outline the school property. The fence will include manual gates which, at the approach from Dr. Fisher Road, leads to the gym area. Given the hilly nature of the campus as it rises from the road, the location of the fence nearest to the roadway is not expected to cause an ascetic loss in the looks of the school.
The project, which will cost an estimated $61,000, is being done with the help of school security money given through a federal grant. The local school system will be required to pick up a very small percentage, around 15 percent, of the price tag.
Next year, using the same grant money that is expected in 2013 as was received this year, school officials plan to do the same thing with the new Morrison School, encasing the campus in security fencing.