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Beware of ploy to lure women to false address
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A text message stating it is from the “sheriff’s department” is not from the Warren County Sheriff’s Department, but the warning to avoid being lured into a dangerous situation should be heeded.
“I can say, and I’m about 150 percent sure on this, the text did not originate from this department,” said Warren County Sheriff Jackie Matheny. “We don’t do things like that. If we have a warning to distribute, we call the media to get the word out.”
The text starts, “This is from the County Sheriff’s Department, please read this message very carefully. This message is for any lady who goes to work, college or school, or even driving or walking the streets alone.”
The message goes on to warn the recipient that a gang is targeting women who are alone. A young, crying child is used as a lure to get the women to an address. The child supposedly says he has been left by his parent and needs to be taken home. However, according to the text message warning, once the woman takes the child to that address, she will be raped by gang members, with the gang MS13 mentioned specifically.
“I would tell people to be careful,” said Matheny. “We do have people who moved here and presently live here who have been members of MS13. They moved here to get away from the gang, but it is a lifetime membership and very difficult to get out once you are in.”
Matheny says women should always be aware of their surroundings when traveling alone anywhere — store, school, work, etc. Never allow anyone, even a crying child, to lure you into unfamiliar surroundings.
“The best thing to do, if you find a child alone and crying, is call 911,” Matheny adds. “Let us take the child home.”