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Bentley given diversion
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A mother has been placed on probation for a year after they found her confused and dazed in her house where she was caring for a 2-month-old child.
The mother, Christian M. Bentley, 26, was granted an 11-month, 29-day judicial diversion and must undergo a drug and alcohol assessment for child neglect. She has been released on time served.
Police were dispatched to Bentley’s residence on a disturbance call. When they arrived, Bentley said her boyfriend had threatened her over a debit card.
“She had red eyes, slurred speech and was very confused,” recalled McMinnville policeman Richard Teachout. She admitted to having Xanax and two shots of liquor.
While at the residence, police talked to a neighbor who had heard Bentley’s baby crying.
“She went to check on the baby and found the 2-month-old lying face down on a futon with lots of blankets around,” Teachout revealed. “She was afraid the child would suffocate.”
Further disturbing the officer was the fact Bentley kept losing her baby even while they were in the residence talking to her.
“She was not able to keep up with the baby boy even though the neighbor was holding the baby the entire time,” Teachout said.
The officer said Bentley became upset when he took a large pocket knife away from her. She told him she was going to cut herself.
Her actions led to her being taken into custody, both on the charges and as a protection for her and the baby. The patrolman found Bentley has five other children, all in state’s custody in Michigan.
Bentley can move to have her criminal record erased if she gets in no further trouble during her probationary period.