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Beersheba bridge named for Brown
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The bridge on Beersheba Highway is now known as the Spc. Jeremy Lynn Brown Memorial Bridge. A dedication ceremony was held Friday morning.
“We join today to dedicate this bridge to a fallen soldier and a native son,” said McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley. “As we stand here today and hear the traffic going by, we think of the many times Jeremy passed this way going back and forth to home and to school.”
Brown grew up in the Mt. Leo area before going off to war to serve his country in Afghanistan. He was killed in May of 2010 at the age of 20.
“Today should really not be a solemn day,” said Haley. “We have had those days already. It should be a day to salute the life of a young soldier who loved his family, loved his community and loved his nation, a young man who served his nation knowing full well what the consequences could be.”
He added, “Every soldier knows what might be his or her inevitable fate. Every parent who sends a son or daughter off to war realizes that some may never return. We are here today to honor that native son who did not return.”
Haley, an educator in the Warren County School System, remembers Brown fondly.
“I had the privilege of being one of Jeremy’s teachers. Mostly in Saturday school detention, because that is where Jeremy spent a whole lot of his time in the ninth and 10th grade almost every weekend with me.”
After a round of laughter, Haley continued.
“Not that he, necessarily, did anything bad. He, Coach Fisher and I became good close friends throughout his days in high school. Jeremy was a mischief maker. He liked to have fun. Not too much, but enough to be sent to Saturday school again, again and again.”
Brown once feel asleep at Saturday school at his desk and had to be woken up by Haley.
“Boys have got to have their beauty sleep,” Haley remembers Brown telling him.
Haley replied, “It must have been a short nap Jeremy, because it didn’t work.”
Haley encouraged those present to remember the sacrifice of heroes who paid, or are willing to pay, the ultimate price to keep America free.
“For as long as there are people in America and as long as there are terrorists out there who wish to destroy our way of life, there will be wars. There will be sacrifices made to keep us a free nation and to protect the liberties we hold so dear. So, thank God for heroes and thank God for Jeremy Lynn Brown.”
Also in attendance were state Reps. Judd Matheny and Charles Curtiss, Warren County Executive John Pelham, and Warren County High School’s choir and JROTC.