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Beer thief ordered to serve 48 hours
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A man caught stealing a case of beer from Scot Market would have been better served if he had linked up with a trio of beer drinkers caught sipping brew at Rock Island State Park, according to Special Judge Larry Ross.
The beer stealer, Jared Marsh, 23, entered a guilty plea to the charge of shoplifting and was directed by Ross to serve 48 hours of a six-month sentence, pay $50 and court costs, plus make $17 restitution for the beer he took. He was given 10 hours public service work for failure to appear in court.
Marsh was arrested by policewoman Rachel Harrell after he took a case of beer from Scot Market on The Strip.
“He stole a case of Bud Light,” Harrell said in her complaint against Marsh.
While entering guilty pleas before the former judge who was filling in Tuesday for Judge Bill Locke, Marsh admitted he may have been somewhat under the influence when he tried to sneak away with the beer.
It was at that point Ross recalled his sentencing of three beer drinkers at Rock Island State Park earlier that day. It is illegal to possess alcohol on state park property. The men were all fined $10 plus costs and perhaps even more painful, their case of beer was poured on the ground when they were caught.
“It’s too bad you hadn’t met up with those guys before they went to the park,” Ross joked in passing sentence, noting Marsh tried to steal a case of beer while the three park drinkers were forced to pour out a case of beer.