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Bash concludes KOC Backyard Bible Club
Kids of the Community held a fun-filled day for children on Friday. Billy Davis, pictured, worked with his team in an attempt to win a relay competition where they transported water from one bucket to the next using only sponges.

Kids of the Community held an end of the Backyard Bible Club bash on Friday. Children were treated to fun in the sun.
“It’s fun, fun, fun city today,” said Kids of Community member Christie Allison. “These kids are having the time of their lives and they deserve it.”
For the past three weeks, children participated in a Backyard Bible Club organized by KOC member Megan Dishman.
“With this being our last day, we thought a carnival would be good,” said Dishman. “During Backyard Bible Club, we offered different stories of the Bible every day. We went through the Old Testament and the New Testament. We did songs, Bible stories and crafts every day. They have four different activities and rotate between each activity.”
Children were treated to inflatables with water and numerous other activities, such water relay races, eating contests, snow cones, and prizes.
“The relay races teach the children team-building skills,” said Dishman. “This is our fifth year to offer a Backyard Bible Club. The kids really enjoy it and they’re enjoying today.”
Ania Mendoza, 11, says she’s having fun in the organization.
“This is my third year,” said Mendoza. “It’s the most fun I’ve ever had. I love it. Tuesday we went to Lake Winnie. That was fun.”
Kids of the Community is a community-based, entirely volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the idea that all the children in the community have the right to be important, the right to be recognized, and the right to learn fundamental core values from responsible adults. It is the philosophy of the organization that one-on-one contact on a regular basis in structured activities with caring, responsible adults can instill direction and impart a positive attitude to children at risk.
The organization is creating positive impressions one child at a time. For more information or how to volunteer, Kids of the Community can be reached at 668-5437 or at