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Band wants to keep running concessions
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There are no plans to oust the Band Boosters from their longtime role as keepers of the football and basketball concession stands, something that is a major money maker for the band program.
That was the reassurance given to representatives from the Warren County Band Boosters by Director of Schools Bobby Cox on Tuesday during the regular Warren County School Board meeting.
“It’s not our goal to hurt any program,” Cox told the Band Booster representatives who were concerned about rumors the School Board may be considering letting the Football and Basketball Boosters handle their own concessions.
The Band Boosters have been handling football and basketball concessions for years. They were initially given the concession stand responsibility because they were the only organization able to bring enough manpower to handle the job. However, in doing so, the football and basketball programs became two of the few programs not to handle their own concessions.
With that in mind, members of the School Board, during a meeting last month, agreed to “revisit” the issue of the football and basketball concessions at a later date. The decision came during hearings over other aspects of booster clubs, a meeting in which making one consolidated booster club to cover all extracurricular activities was mentioned.
Cox believes the mention of “revisiting” the concessions stand issue is what created the rumor.
“At this point no decision has been made to change anything,” Cox said. “The Football Boosters said they haven’t said anything about taking it over. I think we have unfounded rumors that have been enlarged into facts.”
Cox noted there would be a public hearing on the issue should there ever be a move to change how concessions are handled.