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Bain charged with killing roommate
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A man is facing a murder charge despite there being no body for a homicide lawmen believe he committed two years ago.
The suspected murderer, Timmie Lee Bain, 49, is being held at Warren County Jail on the charge of criminal homicide even as authorities look for the body of the man they say he killed. The victim has been identified as Daniel Mayo, 45, a longtime resident of DeKalb County who had moved to Warren County a short time before his untimely death.
“The way we understand it, Bain and Mayo worked together and lived together,” said Sheriff Jackie Matheny of the unusual case.
Authorities have not revealed a motive or the mode of Mayo’s demise as they keep looking for his body. Their attention is centered on a hog farm on which the men worked. It’s located on C. Rowland Road, which is near the Mud Creek community at Rock Island.
“We’ve used cadaver dogs and have been digging around but so far we haven’t had any luck,” said Matheny, noting that while they have evidence a murder occurred they are yet to pinpoint where the victim is buried.
The investigation has been ongoing for several months. Authorities were tipped to the homicide but were unable to find any evidence a killing occurred. However, a twist in the case, which Matheny did not elaborate on in announcing the arrest, resulted in the charge against Bain. Investigators decided to seek a homicide warrant against Bain on Friday afternoon despite not having a body.
Matheny admitted this is the first time during his more than 20 years as sheriff where murder charges have been filed without having a body. However, he pointed out a body is not required to prove murder, provided there is evidence to warrant a conviction.