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Audit Committee remains unchanged for another year
Commissioner Ken Martin

Members of the county Audit Committee will remain unchanged for one more year. The group meets annually to review the state’s audit of Warren County government.
During Tuesday’s meeting of the county Policy and Personnel Committee, commissioners Randy England and Ken Martin were reappointed to second, one-year terms.
“There are five members on the Audit Committee,” said Martin, chair of the Policy and Personnel Committee. “Two are county commissioners and three of them are banking professionals. The other members of the committee are Wayne Cantrell, chair, Emily Horton and Danny Martin.”
On Policy and Personnel with Martin are commissioners Carlene Brown, Wayne Copeland, Tommy Savage and Charles Morgan. Morgan was absent during Tuesday’s meeting.
The Audit Committee was established last year. While terms of the county commissioners are one year in duration, the other members are appointed to two-year terms. The one-year terms of Martin and England expire this month.
“It’s entirely up to this committee to determine if you want to put both of us back, or neither one of us back,” said Martin. “If you have somebody else who wants to be on the Audit Committee, that’s fine too. County commissioners can serve two terms. I’m OK either way. If you want me to stay on, I will.”
Copeland asked if England wanted to be reappointed, to which Martin added, “Yes, he said he would like to serve another term. We meet when the county gets audited and go over what the state said about the audit. That’s basically it.”
“If you two are good with it,” said Copeland, “I’m OK with letting you stay on there.”
Policy and Personnel members unanimously approved the reappointment.