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Asian adventure
Local students soak up Japan
Pictured eating a traditional Japanese breakfast which consists of fish, seaweed, tofo and egg are local residents, from left, Aiden Cary, Rachel Stewart, Jalen Smith, Leigh Ann Stewart, Cameron Jones, Kaleb Smith, Marlie Henegar, Anna Wanamaker, Gracie Self and Valeria Vargas.
The menu options were certainly foreign to Warren County students during an 11-day trip to Japan. Instead of American mainstays like pizza and cheeseburgers, local students experienced Japanese staples such as sushi, seaweed, and squid.“It wasn’t Pop-Tarts or cereal for breakfast,” said Leigh Ann Stewart, one of two adult chaperones for the Sister Cities exchange program between Warren County and Japan. “Probably the most exotic meal we had was at a Japanese restaurant where we had meat on a stick.