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Architect provides school projects update
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The Warren County School System will find out next week what the actual cost for three expansion projects will be. The bids received will be opened Wednesday, May 13.
According to architect Derrick Clemow of Upland Design Group, a pre-bid meeting was offered last week and five different contractors were present at Irving College and Bobby Ray schools, while six contractors attended the meeting at Warren County High School.
The budgets set for the projects are: Bobby Ray $800,000, Irving College $3 million, and WCHS $1.1 million. However, until the bids are opened, the actual cost will not be known.
 “We are still hopeful our target will be met,” said Clemow, in regard to staying within the budgets. “There are several alternates at each site so the School Board will have shopping ability to consider different things and the ability to fund parts of the projects through different funding means.”
Clemow says now it’s just a waiting game.
“At this point, we start crossing our fingers and hoping everyone is on the same page,” he said. “We have been very successful in the past in making sure everybody knows what they are bidding on and there aren’t any mistakes made. We don’t want mistakes made in anyone’s favor. We want a good competitive bid across the board.”
The company isn’t sitting idle due to a last-minute addition of asbestos removal.
“I should add that we did have one little piece that we were pulling together and that was asbestos removal. Both at Bobby Ray and Irving College there is a little bit of asbestos involved. At Bobby Ray, the building that’s being demoed has a little bit of asbestos in it and it has to be removed beforehand. At Irving College, there’s a little bit in what used to be the boiler room. So, we’ve solicited from multiple providers of asbestos removal and we’ve included the least quote as part of the bid package.”
Asbestos removal wasn’t included in the bid packages because contractors can’t touch that part of the project.
“Most contractors have strict rules they can’t touch asbestos so that’s one of those things we are trying to pull together,” said Clemow.
The update was given to the county’s Education Committee.