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Animal Control tired of marijuana jokes
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With marijuana found growing on county property at Warren County Animal Control, there has been a backlash at McMinnville Animal Control, including a number of calls from pranksters looking to buy marijuana.
“I have received numerous phone calls from people about the situation in the county’s facility,” said McMinnville Animal Control officer David Denton. “The number of phone calls we are getting is ridiculous.”
Denton is speaking of the arrest of Warren County Animal Control director Tammy Webb and her son, Jonathan Ewell Smith, on charges of manufacture, delivery and sale of marijuana. Leading to the charges was the confiscation of 36 marijuana plants found growing in the woods close to the facility by the Warren County Sheriff’s Department.
The phone calls received are either angry people wanting to know about the situation, or jokesters wanting to purchase a bag of marijuana, says Denton.
McMinnville Animal Control and Warren County Animal Control have similar duties in the community, that being to pick up stray and dangerous animals, but that’s where the similarities end, according to Denton.
“We are not affiliated with the county’s facility,” Denton said. “We pick up animals in the city limits and the county’s facility picks up animals outside the city, that’s it. We didn’t have anything to do with what’s currently going on in that department.”
The number for McMinnville Animal Control is 473-2553, while Warren County Animal Control is 507-3647. Please limit calls to those regarding animals, not marijuana.