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Animal control director arrested
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Warren County Animal Control director Tammy Webb has been arrested on charges of manufacture, delivery and sale of marijuana. Webb was arrested Monday evening after a sealed indictment was handed down by the Warren County grand jury on Friday.
The charges are the same as the ones Webb’s son, Jonathan Ewell Smith, was charged with four weeks ago when he was arrested inside a marijuana field located on county property behind the Animal Control building on Paws Lane. Deputies confiscated 36 marijuana plants found in the field.
Sheriff’s investigator Bo Ramsey said text messages between Webb and Smith led investigators to other evidence. Ramsey also said Webb was the person who purchased the garden hoses found leading to the marijuana field and she purchased the potting soil found surrounding the plants.
“Her involvement was believed to be enough to warrant her arrest,” said Ramsey
Webb was put on a two-week paid administrative leave after her son was arrested. She then was put on another two-week unpaid leave Aug. 3 because the case was still under investigation.
County Executive John Pelham said, “Tammy is officially still on leave until Friday. The Health and Welfare Committee will need to meet on this. I was contacted that she was arrested Monday night and has made bail. I have not spoken to her. Our committee will need to meet and hear what’s happened and make a decision. I will need to make a determination of some kind as soon as I speak to everyone.”
Both Smith and Webb continue to deny any knowledge of the marijuana or how it grew so vigorously on Animal Control property.