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All Chihuahuas adopted except one with bad eye
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Searching for a neighbor’s lost beagle has led to a local woman’s desperate desire to save a unfortunate Chihuahua she has nicknamed Hope.
Hope was seized with a dozen other Chihuahuas by Warren County Animal Control three to four weeks ago. She is the only one that has not been adopted.
Hope is pregnant and has an eye condition, called dry eye, which resulted in losing the sight in one eye. The latter is believed to be the reason she has not been adopted by someone. This condition can be treated with eye drops.
“We had hoped someone would take her,” said Warren County Animal Control assistant director Tammy Webb. “She is so sweet, but no one seems to want her. I think it’s because of the eye condition.”
One woman was at animal control last week looking for the beagle. Instead, she found Hope and wants to offer assistance. She has found a veterinarian to treat her and a person to provide a foster home until a permanent owner can be found.
Webb says she is happy someone is taking the dog, even if it is to foster until a home can be found.
“She is a sweet dog. I hope they can find her a home,” said Webb. “All she needs is a little care and she would make a wonderful pet for someone.”
Hope will be under the care of Dr. Sam Young for the eye condition. If anyone would like to adopt Hope or help with the cost of medical care, call 743-0905.