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Airport scare ends with safe landing
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Tension was high Wednesday at Warren County Memorial Airport when a faulty instrument panel prevented a pilot from determining if his landing gear was down.
Firefighters and emergency officials were called to the airport to brace for a worst-case scenario, but the plane was able to make a successful landing with no problems.
“I can’t speak highly enough for how fast everyone responded,” said airport manager Richard Crawford. “I’m glad to report there was no more excitement than that.”
Crawford declined to identify the pilot or any passengers, but said the plane with instrument panel problems was a twin-engine Navajo that seats six to eight. When the pilot prepared to land, Crawford said he couldn’t determine if the landing gear was down because certain lights were not operational on the instrument panel.
The pilot made two low passes over the airport and officials were able to visually inspect the landing gear from the ground.
“We used binoculars and we could see the landing gear was down,” said Crawford. “We didn’t know if it was locked in place, but we could tell it was down.”
Crawford said emergency officials were prepared to act, but there was no need as the plane made a safe landing.