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Airport expansion another step closer
The county is moving forward with plans to take 6 acres near the airport by eminent domain in order to expand the runway to accommodate larger planes.
Warren County is moving forward with condemnation of property to use for the airport, as well as using funds to supplement a future airport expansion. On Monday, the full Warren County Commission voted on a resolution “authorizing the use of Warren County funds to supplement the cost of the expansion of the Warren County Memorial Airport and to authorize and further supplement previous authorizations of the county to initiate condemnation litigation.”The item, presented to the court by the county’s Economic and Agricultural Development Committee, passed 22-2. Voting in favor of supplementing the cost of expansion and initiating condemnation litigation were commissioners Terry Bell, Morris Bond, Carl E. Bouldin, Carlene Brown, Wayne Copeland, Randy England, Billy Earl Jones, Gary Martin, Ken Martin, Michael Martin, Carolyn Miller, Charles Morgan, Gary Prater, David Rhea, Tommy Savage, Diane Starkey, Melissa Yancy, Carl D. Bouldin, Teddy Boyd, Ron Lee, Kenny Roberts and Scott Rubley.Offering the only descending votes were commissioners Michael Shane Wilcher and Blaine Wilcher.