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Adult swim program considered
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A new program that will allow working adults access to Gilley Pool for exercise is taking shape for next season.During last month’s meeting of the city’s Parks and Recreation Committee, chairman Ben Newman asked Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord to consider an adult swimming program and policy because adults who work during the day don’t have much opportunity to visit the pool to swim laps and exercise. Newman cautioned that the hours cannot conflict with other programs being offered at the pool, such as American Red Cross swim lessons or swim team practice.McCord said he and assistant director Justin Scott created a suggested lap swim schedule for May 2016 and sent the calendar to program organizers who use the pool, as well as people who have shown interest in the city offering such a program. McCord said no feedback has been received.“Justin put it down for one month just to lay it all out and sent it out to everybody for any input,” said McCord.