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Accused killer on way back
Cooke stops extradition fight
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After fighting extradition for over a month, accused murderer Bryan Cooke has given up the fight and is due back in Warren County before the end of the week to answer to charges he killed his in-laws, Gary and Gail Dodson.
“He is supposed to be picked up Thursday,” said Sheriff Jackie Matheny, noting a private transport team has been contracted to pick up Cooke at the Jacksonville, Fla., jail where he has been held since his arrest the day after the bodies of the Dodsons were found inside their Fairview-area home on the morning of June 29.
Matheny said he does not know exactly when Cooke will arrive in Warren County but he is expected to arrive Thursday night. He will be scheduled for arraignment once he arrives back in the county. At this time he is expected to be held at Warren County Jail pending his arraignment. Bond will be set once his warrants are officially served upon his arrival here.
Cooke has given up his extradition fight and agreed to be transported back to Warren County to face charges of criminal homicide for the deaths of the couple. The Dodsons were found dead in their home after they failed to show up to open their store Monday morning. The crime, investigators believe, could have happened any time after 9 p.m. the night before their bodies were found.
Cooke was found the following day in a hotel room nearly 530 miles away in Jacksonville. He was the point of a nationwide manhunt when a clerk at the hotel noticed him acting strangely. She reported him to police who arrived to find him barricaded in the room.
District Attorney General Lisa Zavogiannis says there is a chance Cooke could face the death penalty.
“Any time you have a murder case, you have to consider that and see if it’s the type of case that warrants that,” said Zavogiannis.