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A little work can add up to big bucks
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With warm weather approaching, many people are warming to the idea of a new home.
Spring and summer are the most popular times to sell a home, according to local realtor Donna Campbell of Campbell Realty. If you’re looking to make a few upgrades -- without spending a fortune -- Campbell has some tips.
“One thing I always recommend is to get the outside looking as good as you can,” said Campbell. “That means trimming shrubs, adding mulch, and making sure you have a clear path to the door. A new doormat adds a nice touch and even a new wreath is an easy way to show that somebody cares about this house.”
With flowers beginning to bloom, summer is a time when homes can look their best if the yard is properly maintained. If you’re not planning to make any significant improvements on the interior, make sure everything is tidy.
“You want it to be clean from top to bottom and that means everything,” said Campbell. “And it needs to be decluttered. Clean out your closets and get rid of the things you no longer use anymore. If you can’t stand to part with it rent a storage building but don’t have it all piled up in the house. Another easy thing is to make sure you have all the lightbulbs working.”
Campbell said you might want to depersonalize your home just a bit before having potential buyers come over and view it. This doesn’t mean removing every family picture, but you don’t want it to be overkill.
Campbell was also quick to emphasize the importance of having a competent realtor to handle the sale.
“You want to have a good realtor, someone who is always available and knowledgeable,” said Campbell. “We all like to have our phone calls returned so you want someone who answers the phone and who will return calls.”
If you are looking to spend some money on upgrading your home before the sale, Consumer Reports recommends sprucing up the kitchen and making any necessary repairs there first. This can include a leaky faucet or a burn mark on a countertop that may be a quick turnoff.
If the kitchen is in order, the next way to make a big splash without spending a bundle is by painting. Consumer Reports says for a few hundred dollars, you can probably paint the walls, update the cabinet hardware, and add new curtains, which will give the space a clean, fresh look.
From there, attention should be turned to the bathroom. Buyers want to see a home is clean and well-maintained, especially in the bathrooms. Installing new bathroom fixtures will make the space look brighter and more appealing. Updating the mirror and lighting will improve the sensory experience.
One area which may be more costly to repair, but could be essential in the sale of your home, is the roof. Make sure your roof is at least in decent shape because prospective buyers are sure to do the same.