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$500 reward offered for thief in this photo
low life ad
Surveillance video shows this four-door pickup leaving USA Gym on Saturday morning with a stolen trailer.

A bounty has been placed on the head of the thief who stole a trailer Saturday morning from outside USA Gym, hooking it to his luxury pickup and driving away around sunrise.
The USA Gym theft was one of three trailer thefts over the weekend. However, the theft from the South Chancery Street gym was the lone theft that was caught on video with surveillance cameras getting a shot of the thief’s four-door truck.
The theft has prompted gym management to put a $500 price tag on the thief’s head. In what USA Gym management is calling its “Catch a low life contest,” people are asked to come forward if they can identify the truck shown in the picture.
The truck has a sunroof and white bed cover. The trailer that was stolen was a light blue double-axle trailer. The first to finger the thief will get the $500 reward.
Given the time frame of the theft, Sheriff Jackie Matheny said there is a chance the same thief may have stolen trailers from Lucky Road and Campbell Road. The Lucky Road theft happened Friday and involved an 8x16 dual-axle trailer with a redwood floor. The theft from Campbell Road happened on Saturday and involved a 16-foot utility trailer.
Those with information about any of the thefts should call city detectives at 473-3386 or county investigators at 473-8738.