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WCMS tennis
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Matches played April 12

Lady Pioneers tie Webb 3-3

Caroline Stewart def. Jenny Yang, 6-0
Isabel Newby def. Nataja Siva 6-2
Bella Moser def. Willa Shofner, 6-3
Sydney Tessier def. Jackelyn Cordon, 6-4

Yang/Siva def. Stewart/Newby, 6-4
Shofner/Tessier def. Elizabeth Templos/Jordan Veach, 4-3

Providence def. Lady Pioneers 5-0

Maddie Burton def. Caroline Stewart, 6-0
Kinley Carter def. Isabel Newby, 6-1
Faith Sommers def. Bella Moser, 6-0
Hannah May def. Jackelyn Cordon, 6-0

Newsome/Barrett def. Moser/Cordon, 6-2

Lady Pioneer record: 0-2-1
Webb def. Pioneers 5-1

Connor Cohn def. Colin Riley, 6-1
Carter Sublette def. Ved Patel, 6-3
Drew Ledbetter def. Easton West, 6-4
Koen Edwards def. Wilder Higgins, 6-3

Cohn/Sublette def. Riley/Patel 6-2
West/Jase Todd def. Greenberg/Plakasov, 6-0

Providence beats WCMS 6-0

J Paul Sinquefield def. Colin Riley, 6-1
Blake Beavers def. Ved Patel, 6-2
Paxton Rigdon def. Easton West, 6-1
Jackson Burton def. Wilder Higgins, 6-0

Rigdon/Burton def. Riley/Patel, 6-4
Thomas/Manwaring def. West/Higgins, 6-2

Pioneer record: 0-3
Next match: Monday, April 16 vs. Avery Trace, 4 p.m.