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WCMS tennis
Caroline Stewart
Caroline Stewart and the WCMS team completed its season last week against Avery Trace.

WCMS vs. Avery Trace
match played May 10

Lady Pioneers lost 7-1
Skyler Williams def. Caroline Stewart, 6-0
Scottie Stroud def. Isabel Newby, 6-0
Sydney Beth def. Bella Moser, 6-0
Lucy Synnestveidt def. Jackelyn Cordon, 6-3
Adeline Moore def. Elizabeth Templos, 6-3
Jordan Veach def. Olivia Lykins, 6-0

Williams/Stroud def. Stewart/Newby, 6-3
Beth/Synnestveidt def. Moser/Cordon, 6-3

Pioneers lost 7-0
Jaxson Hethcox def. Colin Riley, 6-0
Ike Synn def. Ved Patel, 6-1
Nathan George def. Easton West, 6-0
Jack McReynolds def. Wilder Higgins, 6-0
Will Silverman def. Jase Todd, 6-0

Hethcox/Synn def. Riley/Patel, 6-1
George/McReynolds def. West/Higgins, 6-0